Repair your out of warranty device at one price only!*
You may replace your damaged LCD screen, back cover and mainboard at one price, without extra charges regardless of out of warranty or self incluced damage!
Cracked LCD
Cracked Back
*For Selected Phone Models and Selected Spare Parts only.
Price of Selected Spare Part
The price of selected spare parts and models are as below.
The final repair charges may vary according to your service requirements.
Spare Part Type Model Colour One Price (RM)

Add on RM9 to replace back cover, with the repair of LCD Screen or Mainboard!*

To check for the spare part pricing of other models, please visit "Spare Part Price".

Extra Saving
Repair at lower cost
Original Spare Parts
100% genuine spare parts
90-day Warranty
90-day of warranty for the spare part replaced
Enjoy the Promotion at HUAWEI Authorized
Service Center
Visit any of the following HUAWEI Service Center or schedule a
repair appointment to get priority service.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1: What is Huawei Service Special Deals?

  • Q2: What is the period of the campaign?

  • Q3: How do I participate in Huawei Service Special Deals?

  • Q4: Does the stated pricing inclusive of repair labor charge?

  • Q5: Is there any extra discount if I repair back cover together with LCD screen or mainboard?

  • Q6: How much would it be if I want to replace both One Price mainboard and LCD Screen? Are we charging 2 times of labour fees since the One Price of both mainboard and LCD screen are inclusive of labour fees?

  • Q7: Does the replaced spare parts comes with warranty?

  • Q8: Which kind of device is eligible for Huawei Service Special Deals?

  • Q9: Which models & spare parts are eligible for Huawei Service Special Deals?

  • Q10: The spare parts used for repair are original spare parts?

  • Q11: Why I can't find my phone model and preferred colour in this campaign?

  • Q12: How to check for the parts availability?

  • Q13: I purchased my HUAWEI device in another country, can I participate this campaign in my current country?

  • Q14: Who is eligible to enjoy this promotion?

  • Q15: Does the campaign available in all HUAWEI Customer Service Center?

  • Q16: Could the customer enjoy this Huawei Service Special Deals together with RM99 Battery Replacement event or Service Day?

  • Q17: Back cover that’s not included in this campaign is also under RM9 promotion?

Terms and Conditions
This Huawei Service Special Deals ("Campaign") is organized by HUAWEI Technologies (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (“HUAWEI”) at the HUAWEI Authorized Service Centers (“Authorized Service Centers”) as listed above. This Campaign will run from 9 April 2021 to 31 May 2021 (“Campaign Period”) only. HUAWEI shall reserve the right to shorten or extend the Campaign Period at its sole discretion without prior notice.
Click here to view the complete Terms and Conditions of Huawei Service Special Deals.