Normal phone temperature range during use

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Normal phone temperature range during use

Phone temperature normally doesn't exceed 45℃

The phone temperature increases during use. At room temperature, your phone temperature does not exceed 45°C. However, the temperature may be higher in scenarios such as when taking photographs continuously, video chatting, and gaming, especially when your phone is being used during charging.

Temperature detection results vary by environment

Whether your phone heats up depends on the ambient temperature, application scenarios, heat dissipation conditions, and other related factors. Therefore, the detected phone temperature may vary depending on the time, location, and software. The actual temperature of your phone is subject to the test result provided by a Huawei Customer Service Center.

Intelligent temperature control for optimal security

Huawei phones have a smart temperature control function. When the temperature of an app is too high, the app will close and a high temperature message will be displayed, as shown in the following figure. In this case, it is advised that you stop using the phone until the temperature goes back to normal. All Huawei products comply with safety standards and you can rest assured to use them.

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