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Applicable products: PC,Desktop
Applicable products:
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Download HUAWEI PC Manager

HUAWEI PC Manager is a computer management app that provides a wide range of features, including system detection, driver management, customer service, and phone connectivity. It helps you troubleshoot technical issues, optimize system settings, and ensure that your device is running smoothly. You can also use it to connect your computer and phone, and to navigate within phone apps and files on the computer screen. It serves as your smart office assistant, facilitating seamless work between multiple devices.

  • Available HUAWEI PC Manager features may vary by computer model.
  • HUAWEI PC Manager can only be downloaded and installed on HUAWEI computers.

To download HUAWEI PC Manager, perform the following:

Method 1: Download HUAWEI PC Manager from the official website (supported on HUAWEI Windows computers released after April 2018, excluding HUAWEI MateBook E 2019).

Visit the official website (, and click Download Now. Once the download is complete, decompress the package to install.

Method 2: Download HUAWEI PC Manager from the HUAWEI Support website (applicable to all HUAWEI Windows computers).

  1. Visit the HUAWEI Support website (, and enter the product name in the search box to search for the product. Select your product from the search results, and go to the Product Support details page.

  2. Click Software Download, select PC Manager and click the download icon to complete download and installation.

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