Filter and Block Spam Calls

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Filter and Block Spam Calls

Calling services are not supported on Wi-Fi only tablets.

Set different block rules to block sales, fraud, and other kinds of spam calls.

Filter Spam Calls

  1. Go to Phone > > Blocked > .

    Alternatively, go to Optimizer > Blocked > .

  2. Touch Call block rules and toggle on the switches of corresponding block rules.

Block Incoming Calls from Specific Numbers

You can block incoming calls from specific numbers using either of the following methods:
  • Go to Phone > > Blocked > > Blocklist, touch , then add the phone numbers you want to block.

  • Open Phone, touch the Contacts tab, touch the contact you want to block, then choose > Block contact.

Set Whether to Receive Notifications for Blocked Calls

Go to Phone > > Blocked > > Receive notifications and set whether to receive notifications when calls are blocked.

Manage Blocked Calls

On the Blocked screen, you can manage blocked calls, such as by calling back numbers, deleting records, or submitting appeals if a number has been incorrectly marked.

Go to Phone > > Blocked . You can then:
  • Touch a record and select Call to call back numbers, select Add to trustlist or Add contact, or touch Delete to delete call records.

  • Touch Clear to delete blocked calls in batches.

  • Touch Block rules to change the block rules.

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