Wireless charging does not work or the charging speed is slow

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Wireless charging does not work or the charging speed is slow

Perform the following steps:

Check the edition of the earphones

Only the wireless charging edition supports wireless charging. Check the laser-engraved model name inside the charging case (on the right of the lid). If the model name ends with "L", it indicates that the earphones are of the wireless charging edition.

Enable the wireless reverse charging feature on your phone and remove the phone's protective case

On your phone, go to Settings > Battery and enable Wireless Reverse Charging. Before charging, ensure that no protective case is installed on the charging case and phone, and that there is no object between the charging case and phone.

Third-party devices may not support charging the charging case wirelessly due to compatibility issues. It is recommended that you use a Huawei phone or tablet for wireless reverse charging.

Use a standard wireless charger

Connect the wireless charger to a standard adapter and cable for charging. If you use a third-party wireless charger or a wireless charger that does not obtain the required certification, the charging case may not be able to charge properly or may even be damaged.

Place the earphone in a correct way to charge them

Place the charging case on the charger with the nameplate facing up (except for the FreeBuds 4, which is the opposite). Align the center of the lower half of the charging case with the center of the wireless charger or with the sensing area of the phone that supports wireless reverse charging. Adjust the position of the charging case until the indicator light turns on and remains steady on for more than 10 seconds.

  1. Charging with a wireless charging stand (such as CP62): Place the charging case on the stand with the USB Type-C port facing upward and adjust the position until the indicator remains steady on for more than 10 seconds.
  2. When the battery level of the charging case is 100%, the indicators on the charger and charging case will turn off. In this case, you can stop charging.
  3. Do not charge the charging case in an environment with a high temperature and high humidity. Charging automatically stops when the temperature is high due to thermal protection.

Restore your earphones to their factory settings

Press and hold the Function button for more than 10 seconds until the indicator flashes to restore the earphones to their factory settings and try charging again.

If the issue persists, take your device and proof of purchase to an authorized Huawei Customer Service Center for assistance.

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