Hardware Warranty Provisions

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Huawei Device Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huawei" or "we") is committed to providing its global consumers with optimal user experience by offering satisfactory one-stop services. We comply with the laws and regulations of countries / regions where we conduct business by strictly abiding by the legal requirements for protecting the rights and interests of consumers, providing warranties for Huawei's consumer products, properly handling consumer complaints and enquires, and providing consulting services.

Huawei promises that its consumer products have been certified by all mandatory local market access requirements, and obtained all necessary qualifications and licenses. It also warrants the authenticity of the performance and functions described in the user guide, and guarantees the quality of the products.

The warranty services provided by Huawei may vary depending on the country and product. To ensure your rights and interests are guaranteed to the maximum extent, please read the user guide that comes with your Huawei device, or refer to the official Huawei website for your country / region for the warranty policies applicable to your device model. You acknowledge that the warranty for your device is only valid in the country / region where it was purchased. For details, check the local warranty policy.

Huawei has authorized Customer Service Centers in multiple countries and regions around the world to provide warranty services for its consumers. Please check the official Huawei website for your country / region for a list of Customer Service Centers.

Huawei provides a variety of services for consumers, including sending for repair (by person or through mail) and door-to-door services. The actual services provided may vary depending on the service policy of each country.

Huawei's warranty policies only apply to Huawei and Honor products. For details about the warranty policies of non-Huawei or non-Honor products, refer to their respective product descriptions or third-party manufacturer's warranty policies.

If you have any requests or questions, or want to know more about the Huawei warranty policies in your country or region, please call the local Huawei service hotline or click the country / region name from the list below:

List of countries / regions

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